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HubSpot 3: Another Amazing Breakthrough from HubSpot

September 5, 2012, Devine Mae Loredo


HubSpot offers all-in-one marketing software including blogging, marketing analytics, social media, email, automation and more.

HubSpot helps businesses grow.


Marketing strategies are essential for a business’ success. Through the years, HubSpot has worked hand in hand with its customers make marketing easy, enjoyable and profitable. Because of their love for marketing and their dedication to their customers, they've given birth to HubSpot 3.

According to Brian Halligan, HubSpot’s CEO and Co-founder, HubSpot 3 helps marketers reduce the noise that has made marketing increasingly more fragmented and ineffective. Now, we can get back to the strategy and art of communication and make marketing people truly love.

The new features of HubSpot 3 include:

  • Smart CTAs: Powered by data from Contacts, Smart CTAs enable you to create images and calls-to-action for your website or emails that dynamically adapt to reflect the viewer’s interests, industry, lifecycle stage, or other areas of segmentation.

  • Smart Fields: Smart fields are a long-awaited answer to anyone who is sick and tired of filling out yet another website form with the same information. As you collect more information about your leads, Smart Forms remove any field that has been completed in the past, creating shorter and shorter forms for your leads without sacrificing valuable information.

  • Email: Target specific segments and personalize your sender, subject, and message body content with any field or custom field from your contact profile.

  • Workflows: Workflows enable you to trigger targeted communications based on a lead’s behavior. A divergence from traditional marketing automation, however, Workflows also allows you to update details in a lead's profile based on activity across channels, including social media.

  •  Social Contacts: See which of your leads clicked on something you shared in social media, and quickly add them to a list to nurture. In the Contact profile, see how active each lead has been in social media and how recently they've engaged with you.

  •  Landing Pages: Run an entire campaign from one view. Create, test and promote landing pages, then see which channels (email, social, search, etc.) are bringing leads to it. 

As Benjamin Franklin said, “Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning.”

Fortunately, HubSpot really is working hard on continual growth and progress!

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