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How To Survive The Google Penguin Update

May 22, 2012, Devine Mae Loredo

If you care about getting traffic to your website, you care about Google's new Penguin update!

The Penguin Update affects the ranking of websites that don't comply with Google's SEO guidelines. It's already impacted the traffic for many sites. What's the quick summary? Google wants sites to create great, relevant content! Over-optimization and SEO tricks get you penalized.

In "How To Survive Google Penguin Update with Content Writing, Amrit Hallan's provides a checklist to use when creating and promoting your content. 

If you want good search engine rankings, be sure to create content that deserves reading. See the full article on "How To Survive Google Penguin Update..." for guidelines on creating and promoting your content.

Here's another article on over-optimized marketing and the Google Penguin Update by Clarke Bishop: "Inbound Marketing Trap--Over-optimized Marketing".

Has the Penguin affected you? What did you do about it? Please leave a comment.



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