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Hire the right person with a Performance Benchmark

June 5, 2011, Clarke Bishop

The Performance Benchmark sets the standard for the job in terms of specific results!

To hire the right people, start with a good Performance Benchmark. If you don't know what results you want, you're much less likely to have a hiring failure.

With a good performance benchmark, you can double your hiring success!

I’m always amazed how rarely managers create and use Performance Benchmarks. Why? I think there are a number of common reasons:
  • It’s work to think clearly. Muddled, imprecise thinking is easy. Clear, sharp thinking takes a little work. Not a lot, but enough that we don’t do it sometimes.

  • Managers have to take responsibility for doing their job. What if all the employees meet their benchmarks, but the group doesn’t? That means the manager didn’t see to it that everything was assigned and communicated. It’s easier to leave things vauge, so you can always blame someone else for the lack of results.

  • People sometimes resist being measured — At least at first. Employees quickly start to appreciate clear expectations. And they get a sense of accomplishment from beating the benchmark.

  • What do you think? Please leave a comment if you know other reasons.

OK, hopefully you’re thinking “I’m convinced I should use Performance Benchmarks”!

Read on and learn how to Create a Performance Benchmark ...


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