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How to Benchmark Performance Part-1: Purpose

June 7, 2011, Clarke Bishop

I've already told you about how important it is to have Performance Benchmarks to hire the right person.

How to create a Performance Benchmark

There are three key sections:

Purpose - Overall, why are your hiring a person for this role?

Results - What results do you expect a great employee to produce?

Skills & Competencies - What special skills or other characteristics would a great employee need?

Performance Benchmark - Purpose

Why are you hiring someone for this role? Answer like this: “The ROLE NAME at COMPANY exists to ________.”

As an example: “The CEO of MyCo exists to grow the company by 15% per year while maintaining 20% profitability.”

Keep it simple and don’t try to cram everything in there. Sure, you want your CEO to maintain compliance with relevant laws, avoid lawsuits, develop people, and a bunch of other stuff. But, what do you really care about? Be Straight! This isn’t the place to sound good or sell the candidate. Having a clear purpose sets the context for the job, creates clarity, and helps you get started defining the results you want.

Next, we’ll look at defining and specifying results.

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