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May 17, 2012, Clarke Bishop

Our researchers and writers are continuously searching the web for better ways to improve results from Inbound Marketing. Here are some recent articles we've been reading.

One key to Inbound Marketing is measuring your results with web analytics and continuously finding improvements. That's our topic for today. Web Analytics.

Know Your Customers by their Digital Footprints

John Walker of JPL Creative offers tips on how to learn more about your customers through web analytics. Key points:

  • Inbound Marketing Bounce RateBy 2017, the chief marketing officer will spend more money on information technology than the chief information officer

  • Review your traffic flow graphs to see when traffic goes up. Then,discover why and repeat.

  • Check your bounce rate to see if your home page needs improvement. Also see where your visitors go next.
  • Review your most popular pages. Should you have more on popular topics? 

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