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Greased Skid You Say... Lead Generation

February 4, 2009, Clarke Bishop

Greased Skid Marketing is now part of Inbound Team --The Atlanta, Georgia Inbound Marketing Agency specializing in helping businesses grow with online marketing.

In the 19th century, there wasn't that much mechanization, and it was difficult to move large heavy things around.

The logging industry had an answer. They built roads of wooden tracks that were used to haul trees from the forrest. The wooden tracks were called "skids" and they soon discovered that everything worked much better if they greased the skids with oil. The logs would then slide smoothly down the road.

For many businesses, there isn't that much mechanization used to attract prospects and turn them into paying customers! That's why Greased Skid Marketing is here. To help small businesses grease the skids and smoothly move leads down the road to prospects and prospects smoothly down the road to customers.

Check this blog frequently as we will be providing free education on how to grease your customer acquisition process. Or, leave a comment on what you'd like to know!

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