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WordPress with HubSpot or Infusionsoft Web Forms

June 11, 2009, Clarke Bishop

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Conrad asked about using Infusionsoft web forms inside of WordPress:

Can I put Infusionsoft forms in a Wordpress blog?

Is there a plug-in?

This is actually quite easy, and here's a movie that shows you how to use Infusionsoft Web Forms in WordPress: 

Basically, the steps are:

  • Create the Web Form in Infusionsoft
  • Click the "Gimme the Code" button, select all (ctrl-A), and copy (ctrl-c)
  • Create a WordPress Post or Page and click the HTML tab in the WordPress editor
  • Paste in the Infusionsoft web form code
  • Edit the web form code to clean it up or style it if you want
  • Switch back to Visual mode and add other text, images, etc.

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