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How to Send SMS Text Messages from Infusionsoft

September 3, 2009, Clarke Bishop

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It IS possible to send SMS text messages as part of a follow-up sequence from Infusionsoft!

There are a couple of tricks, though.

  • You have to buy an external SMS text messaging service like Clickatell.
  • Set the To address for the template to:, and all messages get sent to this address.
  • In the body of the message, embed a custom field with the contact’s SMS phone number. The number should be unformatted to match Clickatell’s requirements.

You can't use one of Infusionsoft's phone number fields because it automatically formats the number and Clickatell won't work right! But, if you just use a Custom field, then everything will be OK.

I made this work with Clickatell's SMTP API, by sending an email template like this:

user:xxxxx   {Your specific Clickatell info}
password:xxxxx   {Your specific Clickatell info}
api_id:xxxxx    {Your specific Clickatell info}
to: 448311234567  {Insert the custom field data here}
text:Meet me at home {This is the message you want to send}

I hope this helps. There's also more on the Infusionsoft Blog.

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