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Infusionsoft Automation & Multimedia Marketing Review

March 6, 2010, Clarke Bishop

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NOTE: This post is one section of an extensive review of Infusionsoft.

Infusionsoft Automation & Multimedia Marketing Overall Grade: A+

Infusionsoft's follow-up sequences and automation take Autoresponders to the next level. Plus, you can do more than just send email -- Letters, faxes, voice mail, and more are all supported.

Nearly anything that happens in Infusionsoft can trigger an Action Set -- A group of actions that can including adding the contact to a  follow-up sequence:

  • A new opt-in via a web form
  • A purchase
  • A recurring charge that failed
  • A specific date passed (A birthday or an event date)
  • A click on a link in an email message
  • A manual trigger by one of your sales or support employees
  • An event external to Infusionsoft that triggers via the software API

Action sets can include many actions like:

  • Tagging a contact to segment your database
  • Sending a single email to a contact
  • Adding the contact to a follow-up sequence (multiple emails or other media)
  • Assign the contact to a specific sales or support employee
  • Create a task for an employee
  • Create an Opportunity Record
  • Create an Order

Follow-up sequences let you schedule a sequence of follow-up activities for a specific contact. People are busy, and staying in touch helps them learn about your company and use your products. More on how to use Follow-up Sequences ...

Follow-up sequences can contain many types of multimedia and activities:

  • Email messages
  • Fax (There is a per fax fee)
  • Voice Message (There is a per message fee)
  • Letter (You have to pay for printing and postage)
  • Fulfillment (You have to pay for fulfillment costs like the product or printing, shipping, and handling)
  • Add a task to one of your users
  • Run some other Action Set

There is a lot of flexibility regarding how and when each of these follow-up activities happen. You can add rules that control most activities and can have people automatically removed or switched to another follow-up sequence.

In working with Infusionsoft customers, I have always been able to create workable follow-ups and automation.  Sometimes it takes a little creativity, but there's usually a way.

Automation and Multimedia follow-up are truly strengths of Infusionsoft.

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