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Infusionsoft Double Your Sales Promise Review

March 10, 2010, Clarke Bishop

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NOTE: This post is one section of an extensive review of Infusionsoft.

Infusionsoft Double Your Sales Promise Overall Grade: B+

Recently, their focus may have shifted. But, over the last year, Infusionsoft has talked a lot about their product being able to Double Your Sales. Is this true?

Actually, it is true for many small businesses. If your business fits into the following, you have a good chance to Double Your Sales with Infusionsoft:

  • If you have revenues less than $1M. Obviously, it's easier to grow your business from $200K to $400K than it is to go from $10M to $20M in a short time.
  • If you have a good product or services and a clear, differentiated strategy. If you have a poor or "me too" product, then doing a better job of communication and follow-up still won't help.
  • If you are willing to spend your time and/or money to improve your marketing or follow-up. Sometimes, people allow themselves to believe that all they have to do is spend $200-300 with Infusionsoft and their sales will improve. Of course, this won't happen by itself. It takes a real effort to realize the potential of Infusionsoft.
  • You're an established business and already have a list of customers. Startups can still benefit from Infusionsoft, but it's going to take longer and cost more.

Infusionsoft loves to talk about doubling your sales. One example company had a good product, was established, had a contact list of almost 6,000 customers, and had revenues of $200-300K when they started. So that had a good starting point. The one thing that isn't always pointed out is that Infusionsoft supplied some of their top people to provide consulting help. The company may have paid for some of the improvements to their website, but they didn't pay for the top consulting help.

Doing better at attracting leads, building your contact list, and following-up will help any business, and Infusionsoft is very helpful in facilitating this process. Plus, Infusionsoft will help with your education-based marketing programs.

The key is to provide value to your prospects and customers. I know this is obvious, but I talk with people all the time who have the idea the technology like Infusionsoft is the secret. Infusionsoft is a good tool for many companies. But, you have to know your customer, provide value, and communicate clearly. At GreasedSkid, we help Infusionsoft clients accomplish exactly these goals.

So, why a B+ instead of a higher grade? Some of Infusionsoft's marketing reinforces the idea that if you just buy the product, your sales will quickly double. As described above, it can. Just be prepared to do the needed work!

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