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Find New Leads by Surfing the Web

December 6, 2010, Clarke Bishop

Greased Skid Marketing is now part of Inbound Team -- The Atlanta, Georgia Inbound Marketing Agency specializing in helping businesses grow with online marketing.

SEO, blogging, PPC, landing pages, social media, video -- All are important tools. But, don't forget to find and help the potential leads who are already on the web looking for help!

Recently, I found a post on a forum that was about some of the key software tools I use -- Hubspot and Infusionsoft. So, I looked up the woman who wrote the post and called to see how it was all working for her. Really, I was just curious about her business and what she was doing.

But, it turned out that she had some challenges I could help with, and my casual, curiosity phone call turned into a sales call!

Sales is all about connecting with people that you can help. So, don't forget that "listening" to the web is part of inbound marketing, too. It's not all about writing content. Make sure you spend some of your marketing time:

  • Commenting on blog posts
  • Surfing the posts on relevant forums
  • Searching on Twitter
  • Just being curious and open to connections

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