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Why are you here? What's the Purpose of Your Marketing Agency?

March 1, 2012, Clarke Bishop

During today's Marketing Agency Insider webinar, Paul Roetzer talked about how important it is to know your Purpose. Then, he mentioned that a lot of people and companies don't really know their purpose.

Paul's comments reminded me of a game I play that always helps people discover unique insights about their purpose. I like to ask questions.  And I ask a lot of questions in the exercise.

inbound marketing know your purpose

Here's how the game goes (This is what I say):

Imagine that I have a magic button for you. (For marketing people, this can be a magic call-to-action button!).

When you press the button, you can have anything you say. Wait, stop!

Don't press the button, yet.

Let's talk for a few minutes to make sure you get everything you want.

So, tell me, what do you want to have from pressing your magic button?

I listen and ask "why" several times. Oh you want to travel the world. Why? My purpose is to clarify and understand. I try to restate and summarize the why.

The game continues ...

So, is that what you want? Are you ready to press your magic button? Wait, stop!

Don't you want something for your kids or your family?

This magic button will let you have anything you say. Don't forget to say "and." I want _____ AND _____. Say "and" as many times as you want!

So, what do you want for your family?

Again more "whys" to clarify and understand. The game continues ...

You can have all the "ands" you want. What do you want for your friends?

This cycle continues through several more questions like:

  • What about for me you selfish turkey? After all, I gave you the magic button. What are you going to have happen for me?

    Sometimes, I'll hear "I don't know, what do you want?"

    "That doesn't matter," I'll say. "What do you want to give me?
  • I like to play this game in a restaurant. So, I might ask, what would you give our waiter? 

  • Then, I look around and pick out a random person. What would you want to have happen for them?

You see, each of us has natural gifts and things we love giving away to others. It's so natural for us, that we take it for granted, and don't see!

Ultimately, the goal of my game is to learn what a person would give away with no limits or contraints. That's a huge clue to their special purpose. The game helps make that clear.

What's Your Company's Purpose?

Ultimately, you can use this game to learn a business owner's purpose, or as part of branding for a business.

What would you do for your customers and clients if there were no profit or resource constraints?


Purpose is the reason for being for an individual or a company. 

Knowing your purpose lets you make the great business decisions that will lead to building a great business. An otherwise successful business that is mis-aligned with your purpose will make you miserable. 

Take the time to discover your purpose, and leave me a comment so I know your purpose!

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