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Blogging for Business - How to find beautiful images on Flickr

February 12, 2011, Clarke Bishop

Make Your Business Blog More Interesting

Images make your blog much more interesting. Having Images in your business blog is a best practice both for the entertainment of your readers and to improve your inbound marketing and obtain a better search engine position.

Look at this image. Doesn't it add color and interest to this blog post?

The right image will be both beautiful and interesting for readers and will help emphasize your message.

business blogging find images flikrPhoto By tiarescott
Here's video showing you how to find beautiful images on Flickr. The steps are:
  1. Visit the Attributions License search page to find a suitable image. This license means that you can use the image as long as you provide attribution through a link. Thanks to HubSpot, here are some other great sources of free images.
  2. Always identify your target keywords first, before writing your post. Then, search for an image that emphasizes the key point of your blog post.
  3. I started with a search for "freedom," and ended up with a search for "island sail" before finding an image I liked.
  4. Watch the video, and then learn how to add the image to your blog.

What's your best idea for finding images for your blog post?

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