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Announcing content via LinkedIn is a quick way to Boost B2B Sales!

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LinkedIn Lead Generation Formula:

  • Know Your Prospect
  • Create Valuable Content
  • Announce Content on LinkedIn
  • Measure Results & Close More Sales
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Social Networking - Growing Your Business


Successful Business Uses for Facebook and LinkedIn (GF202)

If you’re jumping on the social networking bandwagon, consider LinkedIn and Facebook. Interaction on these popular sites will help your business gain momentum. A good strategy for any social media objective includes:

Search Engine Optimization - Blog Remarkable Content & Avoid Tricks

Search Engine Optimization Blog Remarkable Content

I've been reminding clients that trying to use tricks in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is at best a waste of time. Here's one reason why! Google just announced a crackdown on content farms that have a lot of poor or duplicated content.

Search Engine Optimization - Selecting a Vendor

Search Engine Optimization How to Choose f

Lately, I've answered several questions about how to select a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) vendor like this one from Ernest on LinkedIn. That's always a good cue to write about the topic.


Increase Conversion Rates - Strategy or Tactics

Increase Conversion Rate Strategy

On LinkedIn,  Simran Gupta asked about strategies to increase conversion rates on a website. Unfortunately, when you ask the question this way, people start thinking about eBooks, opt-in forms, email marketing, and all the other tactics that live in the world of online marketing.

Inbound Marketing and Community Building


Social Media and Building Community (GF201)

Is your focus about you or your customers?

Blogging for Business - Add a Flickr image to your blog

Business Blogging with Flikr images

Research shows that images help your blog post attract comments. They also give you another way to get found through search engines. In a previous article, I showed you how to find images on Flickr for your business blog


Blogging for Business - How to find beautiful images on Flickr

business blogging find images flikr

Make Your Business Blog More Interesting

Images make your blog much more interesting. Having Images in your business blog is a best practice both for the entertainment of your readers and to improve your inbound marketing and obtain a better search engine position.

SEO Optimization: Generating Leads


SEO Crash Course: Get Found to Generate Leads & Sales (GF102)

SEO is the most important marketing strategy to generate leads and conversions. By making your site more search engine friendly, it will rank higher in search results – meaning, better visibility and better results.

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