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LinkedIn for B2B Sales

Posted by Clarke Bishop

Dec 1, 2014 4:38:00 PM

Why Use LinkedIn for Sales?

We are working to create some great resources to help sales people and marketers find more leads and get more exposure on LinkedIn.

Please help us by answering the following questions:

Do you use LinkedIn for selling and lead generation?

  • If so, what had you start using LinkedIn? And, what's your biggest current challenge?
  • If not, what's holding you back? 

Please leave a comment below or respond on LinkedIn—whatever's easiest. Any ideas you have are greatly appreciated.


New LinkedIn Tools Coming Soon

A lot of new LinkedIn tools are in the works:

  • A book to help you learn how to really prospect and sell on LinkedIn. 

    Not just the "How to build your profile" stuff that everyone has. Real selling for real salespeople!

  • An online learning website that's all about LinkedIn selling. Some courses will be free or very inexpensive.

  • Other information that you request by leaving a comment below.

If you want to stay up to date on our LinkedIn plans, request a LinkedIn Review.


Get AdWords Help from Inbound Team

Posted by Clarke Bishop

Aug 19, 2013 10:06:00 AM

Google Marketing Agencies like Inbound Team have a special type of AdWords account. It's called an MCC (My Client Center) account.

So that we can help you improve your pay per click marketing, please complete these steps.

Login to AdWords, and get your Customer ID. It's a 10-digit number that shows up in the upper right corner when you log into AdWords. Send the number to your Inbound Team account manager.

Get Adwords Help

Once we get your Customer ID, we'll request access to your account.

You will receive an email from Google that contains a link to approve our request. Either click the link or log back in to AdWords.

Go to "My account" > "Account access" in your account and click "Accept invitation." You must be an administrator on the account.

Once you've approved access, we will review your account and let you know how you can improve your paid search marketing results.

You can always turn off our access if we decide not to work together. Doing things this way leave you in complete control, and lets us get the information we need to help you improve your marketing ROI.

Inbound Team is an Atlanta, Georgia Inbound Marketing Agency specializing in helping businesses grow through online marketing.


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Volusion Access for HubSync Setup

Posted by Clarke Bishop

Jul 29, 2013 6:14:00 PM

Volusion HubSpot ConnectorHubSync requires that we add some small amounts of javascript code to certain pages. In most cases we add the code to Article 101 (Add To Cart) and Article 130 (Order Finished).

We also require that the lastest HubSpot tracking code be correctly installed in Volusion. 

The final thing we need is API access to retrieve orders and send the data into HubSpot.

Volusion Permissions

Volusion allows you to set very specific permissions, and it's not always clear what each setting does. If anything is missing, we'll have to ask you to add that permission. For convenience, here is the list of permissions we need:

  • Products
  • Customers
  • Orders
  • Articles
  • Import
  • Export
  • File Editor
  • API

Details on each permission are shown below in a table copied directly from Volusion. The permissions we need are highlighted in orange. 

By default, your store has a primary administrator account – known as the Super Admin – which is typically assigned Customer ID #1 within your Customers database table. The Super Admin has access to every portion of your store.

Note that customer accounts can only be granted administrator access by a Super Admin.

Database Tables

Products Ability to view/edit Products, Options, Option Categories, Warehouses, and In-Stock Requests.
Product_Keys Ability to view/edit Product Keys and Product Key Distribution.
Discounts Ability to view/edit Coupons / Discounts.
GiftCards Ability to view/edit Gift Certificates.
Customers Ability to view/edit Customers Accounts (non-Administrator accounts), including customer passwords. This Access Key is also a prerequisite for the following Access Keys: CRM System, Accounts, Administrators, Affiliates,and LoginAsCustomer.
LoginAsCustomer Ability to login as a customer.
Reviews Ability to view/edit Customer Reviews.
Affiliates Ability to view/edit Affiliates (system settings) and Affiliate Stats.
ConfigSetup Ability to view/edit Config Variables, Company, SEO and Product Display Settings.
PaymentMethods Ability to view/edit settings on the Payment page. This Access Key is also a prerequisite for the Credit / Debit Cards Access Key.
Vendors Ability to view/edit Vendors.
POs Ability to view/edit Purchase Orders.
Orders Ability to view/edit Orders, Phone Orders, Recurring Billing, Returns / RMAs andAbandoned/Live Carts. Allows the use of the Point of Sale system. This Access Key is also a prerequisite for the Credit / Debit Cards Access Key.
Credit / Debit Cards Ability to view/complete Credit / Debit Card / eCheck details of an Order. Note that due to PCI/CISP compliance regulations, no administrator will ever have access to view a customer's full credit card number.
Articles Ability to view/edit articles (Site Content) and the Knowledge Base.
Newsletters Ability to view/edit Newsletters.
Categories Ability to view/edit Categories (including subcategories).
Specials Ability to view/edit Nav Menu Promotions.


Admin Area Sections

Import Ability to use Data Import tool.
Export Ability to use Data Export tool. This Access Key is also a prerequisite for theAPI Access Key.
AdminHistory Ability to view Admin History table.
File Editor Ability to view/edit Templates, Custom Fields, IP Firewall and File Editor. TheFile Editor give access to change website colors and edit HTML and CSS files. This Access Key is also a prerequisite for the BrandingImages (Logos) Access Key.
Inventory Ability to prepare shipments and receiving at Receiving and view/edit Search Terms.
ShippingMethods Ability to view/edit/test Shipping Methods in Shipping. This Access Key is also a prerequisite for the Locations Access Key.
Locations Ability to view/edit Locations (Edit Countries/States/Provices in Shipping) andCurrency.
Tax Ability to view/edit tax rates and settings in Tax.
ROITracker Ability to view/edit ROI Tracking.
StoreStats Ability to view/generate reports at Reporting and view graphs/statistics on theDashboard.
WebsiteDesign Ability to view/edit styles and settings in Navigation Menu.
BrandingImages Ability to view/edit Logos.
Maintenance Ability to open/close the store and use tools in Maintenance.
Administrators Ability to create/edit Administrators and update Access Keys. Note that having the Access Key of Customers gives you the ability to view theAdministrators table, but you will not have the ability to open or edit any records until this Administrators Access Key is checked.
Volusion Social Ability to post from the Social page.
Deal of the Day Ability to create/edit deals in Deal of the Day.
Social Store Ability to modify settings in Social Store.
CRM Manager Ability to create/edit settings at CRM System.
API Ability to access/use Volusion API tools.
My Rewards Ability to modify settings at MyRewards.
Release Notes Ability to view Release Notes.


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Tracking Total Number of Orders with HubSync3

Posted by Clarke Bishop

Mar 19, 2013 12:26:00 PM

Some of you want to track the total number of orders received from each customer. That way you can send special messages or special offers to your best customers.

Order Totals Workflow

  1. Log into HubSpot and go to Contacts -> Workflows.

  2. Click the Create new workflow button, and name the workflow "Completed Purchase HubSync3," or whatever you'd like.

  3. Setup the information to look like the example below.

    The workflow should trigger whenever the form named Completed Purchase (HubSync 3) is submitted.

    When this happens, the total number of orders gets increased by 1.

    You can add more workflow steps if you want. Remember you can only use each form once. HubSync Total Orders
  4. Be sure to click the Save workflow button in the lower right. Also click the button to make the workflow live in the upper right.

  5. VERY IMPORTANT: In the side navigation, click Edit workflow.
    Then, in the next screen, make sure Any time one of the Starting Conditions occurs is selected. Finally, click Save.

    If you forget to do this step, it will only increment the orders once for each contact.

    HubSync3 Workflow Sidebar
    HubSync3 Workflow Settings

That's it! Now the Total Orders will increment with each new order.

I hope you like the changes. Leave a comment to let me know what you think!

Inbound Team is an Atlanta, Georgia Inbound Marketing Agency specializing in helping businesses grow through online marketing.


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Cold Calling Versus Inbound Marketing - Are You a Loser?

Posted by Clarke Bishop

Mar 15, 2013 11:07:00 AM

Telephone selling is still very important. Still, calling a totally cold, unqualified list is harder and less effective than ever. 

Enjoy the video ...

Please leave a comment on how you are using Inbound Marketing to create warmer leads for your outbound salespeople.

Inbound Team is an Atlanta, Georgia Inbound Marketing Agency specializing in helping businesses grow through online marketing.


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Announcing HubSync 3 eCommerce for HubSpot 3

Posted by Clarke Bishop

Mar 10, 2013 10:40:00 AM

I am pleased to announce the release of HubSync 3!

We are in the process of updating all our current clients. New customers will be setup on the new version from the start.

HubSync eCommerce integration for HubSpotHubSpot 3  


HubSpot 3 was a major upgrade for HubSpot. Contacts, List, and Workflows all got major improvements.

And, HubSpot completely re-worked their software APIs. The changes caused us to re-think how a shopping cart integration should work, and we hope you really like the new version.

As before, HubSync continues to help you optimize marketing ROI for your eCommerce company:

  • Know which sources are converting to sales.
  • Recover sales from abandoned carts
  • Closed-loop eCommerce

At a high level, it still works like it did before. We monitor your shopping cart to detect when visitors are adding items to their shopping carts and when they complete a purchase.

Every few minutes, we analyze the data to see if there is a new events:

  • Completed Purchase - The visitor has put items into their cart, and checked out to complete their purchase
  • Abandonded Cart - The visitor added items to their cart, but then did nothing for at least 60 minutes, and never completed their purchase. We know if they are still putting thing into or taking things out of their shopping cart.

 What's New in HubSync 3

The main changes you'll see are in Contacts. We've added a new Property Group called HubSync Information. All of these work just like any other HubSpot contact field.

HubSync3 Contact Fields

For the most part, these fields contain the information from the Last, most recent, order.

The fields are:

  • Last Order ID - The shopping cart order ID for the last order. Use this if you ever want to lookup the order in the cart or cross-reference orders.

  • Cart Customer ID - The customer ID in the shopping cart. Again, it lets you cross-reference contacts.

  • Last Order Date - Date of the last order.

  • Last Order Subtotal - For the last order, the sub-total before taxes or shipping. 

  • Total Orders - A field you can use to track the total number of orders for this contact.  This requires setting up a workflow. I'll tell you how in another blog post.

  • Last Order Category List - (Depends on your specific shopping cart.) Where available, we put the product category list from the last order. Categories are separated by semicolons (;).
  • Last Order Items List - A list of the items from the last order separated by semicolons (;).

  • Last Order SKU List - A list of the SKUs for each item in the last order separated by semicolons (;).
  • Custom Field List - (Depends on your specific shopping cart.) Where available, we put a list of custom fields from the last order separated by semicolons (;).

Besides this information, we also update other standard contact fields like name, address, city, state, company, etc. All of this is much cleaner for HubSpot 3 than with the old version of our software. 

Those of you who are more advanced in HubSpot 3 may already see ways to use this new information. I'm also going to show you some tricks in future blog articles. 

New Forms

We also added new HubSpot 3 forms to support the new capabilities in HubSync3. 

The old version of HubSync used forms with names like "Completed Purchase." To keep things clearn, all the new conversion look like this: Completed Purchase (HubSync 3).

Some of you may have the new Forms interface. Whether you do or not, it's very important that you not edit these forms or use them for anything other than HubSync.


I hope you like the changes. Leave a comment to let me know what you think!

Inbound Team is an Atlanta, Georgia Inbound Marketing Agency specializing in helping businesses grow through online marketing.


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The Most Common Mistakes that Lead to Entrepreneurial Failure

Posted by Devine Mae Loredo

Dec 16, 2012 5:25:00 PM

Inbound Marketing and Entrepreneurs resized 600There are many factors that lead to the success of a business, such as social changes, financial status, availability of resources and so forth. But the most crucial thing that can affect your business is your personal perspective and attitude towards work.

Bad habits and bad practices will ultimately contribute to a business’ fallout. Running a business is never that easy - it certainly takes a great amount of determination, intense hard work, a lot of time and of course, a persistent attitude. But sometimes, even having all these traits won’t be enough (and bad luck doesn’t have anything to do with that). Nellie Akalp wrote about the common mistakes entrepreneurs do that that affect their business. Here’s a snapshot of some reasons...

1. They Don’t Have a Passion for Running a Business

Passion is usually not in short supply with entrepreneurs; however, this doesn’t mean that all entrepreneurs have a passion for what’s needed. Many times, people have tremendous passion for their product, service or technology but this doesn’t necessarily translate into a passion for managing a company.

2. They Need to Please

Kindness is a wonderful trait and one that we need more in business today. However, a relentless need to please can be detrimental to an entrepreneur. People with this tendency often overextend themselves in the workplace and bend over backwards for others. In short, it’s hard to achieve your own goals when you’re constantly focused on trying to make everyone else in the room happy.

3. They Can’t Work Without a Playbook

When you run your own business, you call the shots.  You’ll need to be confident making decisions on the fly and setting your own course without any instructions. If these aren’t your strengths right now, you’ll need to learn them pretty fast.

4. They Fear Failure

If you’re scared of failing, you’re probably playing it too safe as an entrepreneur. Fear of failure is one of the strongest forces holding people back from their potential. If you fall into this category, you’ve learned that it’s easier to slide along with the status quo than to take that important first step.

5. They’re Overloaded With Busywork

With all of today’s digital distractions, it’s easier than ever to lose control of one’s schedule and goals. Savvy entrepreneurs know how to stay focused on their priorities in the face of these distractions. They understand how to manage and lead their time, rather than simply react to issues and requests as they come in.

To learn what not to do, I encourage you to read the full article, 7 Reasons Some Entrepreneurs Don't Meet Their Potential.

Your business’ success depends on how you, as an entrepreneur, perceive it. There’s an old adage that says, “Love your job so you don’t have to work for the rest of your life”. If you have enough belief and passion for what you do, success can come your way. Be unrelenting in your efforts concerning your business, in order to rise to the occasion.

What about you? Do you have some of these traits too? What did you do about it? Leave a comment and share it to us!

Inbound Team is an Atlanta, Georgia Inbound Marketing Agency specializing in helping businesses grow through online marketing.


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Use LinkedIn to Increase Profits for Your Business

Posted by Devine Mae Loredo

Dec 15, 2012 11:30:00 AM

Inbound Marketing and LinkedIn resized 600If you’re not actively using LinkedIn to build relationships, educate your network and generate exposure and leads – you’re missing out on the action. In business, you always want to be where your prospects and clients are, and for the most part, they’re probably in social communities such as LinkedIn.

Business Owners, Marketing Managers and other business professionals are embracing social communities to connect with people who are likely to be good prospects, as well as clients and colleagues. Sites such as LinkedIn, make it simple and easy to keep in touch with people, and check out their “updates” and activities.

Far and away, the best social networking site for professional networking is LinkedIn. This social media forum is perfect for professionals to connect and stay connected with those they need to stay in touch with. LinkedIn offers their members the opportunity to have an online rolodex of contacts which can be accessed from your profile, and on the go with the LinkedIn mobile app.

But if you’re new to LinkedIn and looking for some help, here are some tips for you from Patricia Redsicker based on the book by Brian Carter, LinkedIn for Business:

1. Set Up a Weekly Routine

  • Promotion—Post new content to LinkedIn groups, your company page and your profile (minimum 30 minutes, maximum 2 hours).
  • Answers—Look for new questions to answer in LinkedIn Answers (minimum 15 minutes, maximum 2 hours).
  • Groups—Participate in LinkedIn groups and reply to posts where appropriate (minimum 15 minutes, maximum 2 hours).
  • Other content marketing—Produce new content for LinkedIn such as articles, white papers and infographics (minimum 1 hour, maximum 8 hours).
  • Networking—Search for journalists, media and industry peers, accept connection requests and initiate connections with others (minimum 1 hour, maximum 3 hours).

2. Generate Leads With LinkedIn Groups

As with all social media activity, remember that it takes multiple “touch points” on LinkedIn to make an impression, so patience is the key. One of the best ways to get leads is to post discussions and comment on other posts in relevant groups. Stand out in the group by positioning yourself as the expert. You can accomplish this by voicing customer needs and challenges more accurately, and then sharing information, tips and news to help them. The key is to remain visible by being a valuable resource.

3. Create and Optimize Great Ads

  • Target your audience. Focus like a laser on who they are.
  • Choose creative images and ad copy to get the message across to this target. Create 5 to 10 versions of the same ad (each containing different images, text and headline) so that you can find the best ideas and combinations.
  • Run and test various ads and analyze the results.
  • Once you analyze the data, look at your key metric (e.g., click-through rate) and determine your audiences’ responses. Using this information, decide what you should focus on to duplicate the success of the best ads and what should be eliminated.

4. Find New Customers.

There are additional places you can find potential customers—in the newsfeed and from existing connections. Many people completely ignore the newsfeed, but you can filter it by new connections. If you see that one of your contacts has just connected to someone you’d like to connect with, now is a good time to get that introduction.

If you want to find out more about LinkedIn and Mr. Crater’s book, you can read the full article here: 4 Ways to Profit From LinkedIn.

As you’ve probably begun to find out by now, social media is one of the great ways to promote your business online. Keep in mind to regularly communicate, interact and respond with your audience to help gain prospect’s trust, maintain customer loyalty and encourage brand awareness.

Are you using LinkedIn for your business? Leave a comment and share your best LinkedIn tip with us!

Inbound Team is an Atlanta, Georgia Inbound Marketing Agency specializing in helping businesses grow through online marketing.


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Facebook Marketing Tips to Get You Results

Posted by Devine Mae Loredo

Dec 14, 2012 8:35:00 AM

Inbound Marketing and FacebookWith social media setting the trend for online marketers, you’ll want to make sure you’re part of the game – and not just sitting on the sidelines watching it happen!

Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Pinterest are among the dominate social communities to be participating in, and are great forums for interaction to promote brand awareness and loyalty. Social media sites can also help boost your business’ online presence and search engine ranking to help position your company as a more reliable and customer-focused brand in your industry.

Navigating the choppy waters of online marketing isn’t easy, but following the tried and true success principles that have worked for other businesses will help you be more successful in yours

Facebook has proven to be one of the most active and engaging communities, and – like all social communities – has “rules” to play by. In order for you to achieve a successful social media experience using Facebook, remember these helpful tips:

1. Fill Out Your Business Page Completely

It’s important to complete all the fields for data about your company. Your clients and potential clients will be looking for information such as address, phone numbers, business hours, product information, photos and etc. Make your company details easy to fine, so they don’t have to go looking for it.

2. Don’t Over Post

Post on a regular basis, and post often but be sure not to not overwhelm your followers with too many uninteresting posts. For some companies, this may be once or twice a day. For others, you may have lots of interactions, information, events and activities to post about. If this is the case, you may need to post 10 – 15 times a day.

3. Never Post Boring or Immaterial Content

Just as though you wouldn’t want to read boring or uninteresting content, neither do your followers. Don’t post just for the sake of posting – offer relevant information that educates, empowers and informs. Variety is the spice of life but make sure what you post still reflects what your brand stands for.

4. Make Use Of Facebook Insights

Data and statistics can be very useful when you take time to evaluate and study them. Facebook Insights offers this kind of information for you to analyze how your business page is doing.  Use this information to understand your audience, and to give you analytics that help you better understand your audience and their activity.

5. Take Advantage of Facebook’s Ad Options

Facebook Ads might be a powerful asset to your marketing, but as with any other kind of advertising, planning and testing will be your best allies. These ads will be quite targeted because of the data Facebook collects from us, and can be helpful in your exposure. Before getting started, set a budget that allows you to test various titles, messages, pictures and offers before getting caught up and spending too much.

With over 1 BILLION users, Facebook can certainly be a strong venue to provide education, attract prospects and connect with your clients. There are many more resources available to you inside Facebook, so invest time in this social community to find tools and aplications that work well for your business.

Did I miss anything? What other things would you add to achieve a successful social media marketing campaign through Facebook? Don’t be a stranger, hit us up with your comments or suggestions!

Inbound Team is an Atlanta, Georgia Inbound Marketing Agency specializing in helping businesses grow through online marketing.


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3 Critical Tips for Using Content Marketing for Lead Generation

Posted by Devine Mae Loredo

Nov 30, 2012 11:05:00 AM

Inbound Marketing and Content Marketing resized 600Content is king - a simple yet profound sentence for business owners and online marketers. Generating content that educates, empowers and informs - while promoting it to the right audience, will ultimately help your business grow online.

Content marketing is the art form of attracting and engaging your customers and prospects with content (like blog posts, videos or e-books) that paves the way to stronger relationships between marketers and their audience.

Oftentimes, small businesses don’t have enough time or resources to launch successful content marketing campaigns. This type of “education-based marketing” involves consistent effort, and content creation budgets that some small business owners just doesn’t have. So how do you make content marketing easier for you?

Consider creating content in ways that allow you to present something of incredibly high value to your audience - without spending as much time. You can attend conferences and post your notes, have someone interview you and transcribe the conversation or you could create a poll and write about the results. Don’t overlook the fact, that you can also repurpose older content and giving them new value. Looking for more tips? Try these three…

  • Always make your content relevant to your brand and to what your business or company upholds. Make sure that your content reflects what your brand is truly about.
  • Make sure your content is shareable. Have share buttons for social media sites like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, to make your information sharable to your reader’s network with the click of a button.
  • Consider telling it from a story point of view. A real human experience will attract greater attention and is more relatable for your audience. People will want to read about something that they can connect with as a similar experience.

If you’re a business owner, don’t overlook the fact that your employees are knowledgeable and have a unique perspective of their industry. They will have certain insights from customer interactions that can be used for educational content. If you stay creative, and think with an open mind – you can come up with a large variety of resources from which to pull from!

Whatever source you use to pull resourceful education from, make sure it’s a high value to your audience, and something helps them see why you are the right company they should trust. Content marketing takes a continual effort, and will work for you when you remain consistent.


Image Credit: Eric D. Wheeler

Inbound Team is an Atlanta, Georgia Inbound Marketing Agency specializing in helping businesses grow through online marketing.


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